Optimizing crop outputs by supporting sustainability in Agriculture





No more stealing from my crops... Herbicides are substances that’s designed to control unwanted plants/weeds within the cultivated field or crop. By controlling the weeds, conditions get optimizes for the crop to produce the best possible yield.



One rotten apple spoils the spoils the barrel... Fungicides are products used to control fungal pathogens or can be applied to protect the crop against fungal diseases. By using fungicides, the producers lower their risk for potential losses of yield due to damaged or infected crops.



The worm in the apple ... Insecticides or biopesticides are used to control unwanted pest within the cultivated crop. The responsible use of insecticides make it possible for the consumers to get the healthy desired crop



Get the best from your products ... Adjuvants consists of biological or chemical substances that could be added to the product or spray mixture to support the products when applied as prescribed. This products are normally used to enhance the effectiveness of pesticides.


Micro nutrient

It is the smaller things that matter... Micro nutrients is a chemical element or substance that essential for plants to grow optimally but it is only needed in small amounts. Although needed in small amount, its role could not be underestimated,


Residue Studies

Cleared for customs ... Residue studies are designed to give a worst case scenario of residue left in the crop and to determine when the crops is safe for human consumption.


Plant growth regulators

Just help helping the plant produce the desired fruit... A plant growth regulator is an organic compound, either natural or synthetic, that modifies or controls one or more specific physiological processes within a plant. If the compound is produced within the plant it is called a plant hormone.



Stimulate the natural process ... “A plant biostimulant is any substance or microorganism, in the form in which it is supplied to the user, applied to plants, seeds or the root environment with the intention to stimulate natural processes of plants benefiting nutrient use efficiency and/or tolerance to abiotic stress, regardless of its nutrient content.



The healthy diet for plants... Fertilizers are any substance of natural (organic) or synthetic origin that can be applied to soils or to the plant leaves, in order to supply the plant with one or more plant nutrients that is essential for growth and development.


Planting and Harvesting Services

From A to Z , planting to harvest... We are able to plant and harvest all cereal trials in order to compare the effectiveness of all the different treatments. It is possible to test different varieties, seed treatments, fertilizers and chemicals applied to the crop.


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